Why Hire Us?



You love your home. Naturally. So we thought it made sense that everyone else did too. But if you’re like most of the people that we work with, you have a little work to do first.


This might involve:

• decluttering + depersonalizing

• minor touchups

• small repairs

• staging

• deep cleaning

and, in some cases, it might even mean some cosmetic upgrades or even remodeling.

Every situation is different, and depending on your Real Estate goals, it might take a few days or even weeks to get your house ready, and that’s totally ok with us. We have a large network of contractors and professionals who have done a great job for our clients and our agents. If you need a recommendation or referral for a plumber, electrician, painter, handyman, etc, just let us know, we will be happy to make an introduction or pass along their information.



Our in-house marketing department is a team of seasoned professionals who are passionate about making sure your home’s story is seen + heard by potential homebuyers. From beautiful flyers to expertly crafted property descriptions and photos, our goal is to target your property’s audience with attention-catching materials that get doors unlocked. This might include targeted online advertising, print materials, highlighted exposure in our widely distributed newsletters, feature placement on our blog + website, and more. Every home’s story is special + unique…we can’t wait to tell yours.

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We know that whether you’re a first time homebuyer, investor or purchasing a second home, you want to have as much information as possible as soon as possible about the home you are interested in purchasing. That’s why our agents pride themselves in providing each client with the following services prior to signing contracts:


- We Personally Attend Open Houses With You, Schedule Private Showings For You and Preview Properties If You Are Not Available.

- Before Submitting An Offer, We Provide Market Research and Professional Expert Advice To Help You Submit A Strong Offer.

- Once We Get An Accepted Offer, We Confirm Property Tax Information Directly With The Town Office.

- We Physically Go To The Town Office And Conduct A Search On The Property To Make Sure There Aren’t Any Surprises Such As: Open Permits, Missing Certificate of Occupancies, Building Violations etc…

- We Personally Attend Your Property Inspection With You So We Are On The Same Page In Regards To Possible Repair Requests or Property Condition Issues.